Yes, you read that right! This is the perfect time of year to get your eyes tested. With the days sometimes being dank and miserable (although luckily we haven’t had too much of that yet this year!?) and the evenings drawing in, the reduction in natural light makes it so much more difficult to see clearly. Ask yourself…


  • Are you finding driving at night more difficult / uncomfortable?
  • Are you struggling to read in the evenings?
  • Are you / your eyes unusually tired towards the end of the day?
  • Is this you…

Short Arms

I’ve always loved this anaolgy and it is SO true! (Although I’m not entirely sure what the kid in the background is doing?! Is that a pregancy test?!)


The thing is, people always underestimate the importance of good lighting, and natural light (sunlight) is about as good as it gets! At this time of year we Opticians always have an influx of people who think that their eyes have suddenly deteriorated. They usually haven’t, it’s usually been a steady decline over the past 6-12 months, but the problem has been exacerbated by the drop in daylight hours, and hence natural light. People that we saw 6 months ago and recommended new glasses to, who thought they’d leave it as they “weren’t having any problems”, invariably walk through the door, tail between their legs and admit “you were right”.


I’ve lamented the importance of getting your eyes tested at length previously. For instance, did you know that your eyes can tell us a lot about what’s going on in your body? For instance: -


  • Glaucoma
  • Age-related macular degeneration (AMD)
  • High/low blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Brain tumours


So this post is just a gentle reminder, that if you’ve started to struggle over the past few weeks, there’s probably a reason for that and now is the perfect time to get your eyes checked!